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Unique and Made Them Feel Loved(English Version)

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  • The art is absolutely beautiful! They look better than I could have ever imagined. You are an amazing artist and a great craftsman.   ~ Gary

    From Atlanta, United States, 7 years old
    Subject: Pam and Laura Who Take Care of Me Every Day


    Briah has big eyes and curly brown hair.When she was very young, she had a brain tumor and suffered a fair amount of disability because of the treatment of the disease. For this reason, she requires a significant amount of nursing help. When I see the tracheal tube on her neck, I feel very grieved for her. 

    Cognitively though, Briah is seven years old now! She is very much normal, and goes to a regular school where she does quite well!

    Briah drew two drawings are of herself and two of the nurses who help to care for her: Pam who watches her when she is at school and  Laura who cares for her at home. Both ladies have worked with Briah for years, and she loves them very much.Briah and her father Gary wants to find a special Christmas gift for Pam and Laura, and the gifts must be "unique, let them feel loved." So Gary found Sialia Workshop.

    The subject of drawing is Briah and Laura
    (The subject of drawing is Briah and Laura)

    Frankly speaking, this case is a big encouragement to Siaia Workshop. The most important at all is the meaning of works itself, and they admire my design even I’m far away from 13,000 km! I'm honored to play a small role in it.

    Hand sawing silver into a pendant
    (Hand sawing silver into a pendant)

    I observed the color of two drawings and suggested Gary that the first drawing may be flat, then plating rose gold on hair with hammering veins which look like the hair color of Briah and Pam.

    The second drawing may be stereoscopic, plating Laura's golden hair and fill in cold enamel according to the colors on drawing. The most special place is the eyes, in order to make black eyes and blue eye shadow, I fill in blue then drill two little holes to fill in black, and it even overflow like the original drawing.

    I also engraved Briah's handwritten gratitude words on the back of pendants.

    The blue bird enamel necklace for Christmas gift
    (The blue bird enamel necklace for Christmas gift)

    At last, I put an extra blue bird necklace in the package which is especially for Briah's Christmas gift.

    Briah has gone through so much in her life, and is so incredibly strong and brave through it all.But she still creates miracles every day! And Gary’s love has deeply touch us, too. I hope the joy and healthy be with them forever!

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  • Material: 925 sterling silver
    Style: necklace pendant